Vimal Desiccant Master-Batch

Desiccant masterbatch is designed to draw out the moisture from plastics during melt process. It contains additive which chemically blends with any moisture from polymer melt is a non-reversible reaction which is stable at all polymer processing temperatures. It can counter problems which develop during the processing of plastics due to the presence of moisture. Moisture can be present in raw materials such as hygroscopic polymers, fillers and pigments. Reclaim and recycled polymer can also have a high moisture content. When processing polymer with a high moisture content the polymer can become porous and show voids in molded article or extruded sheet. Our desiccant masterbatch offers simple and cost-effective solution to solve moisture problems.

The Applications:

  • Re-processed PP resin
  • Re-processed PE resin
  • PP/PE with embedded moisture
  • Slightly wet virgin PE/PP resin
  • Used as an acid absorber
  • Sealed packaging like foods, electronic device, weapons, pharmaceuticals

The Advantages :

  • Highly effective for reprocessed PP/PE
  • Reduce lacing, fish eyes in blown films
  • Eliminate porosity, blow holes caused by moisture
  • Reduce gels caused by moisture
  • Reduce production losses
  • Reduce need for pre-heating