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We are the Vimal Group, one of India’s value based corporation – a visionary, a pioneer, a leader, since 2009. 

We the Vimal Group, comprises of three companies: Vimal Mineral, Shreeji Plastic and BR Corp. We are mainly plastic recycling-based company which focuses to mainly cater to the requirements of the companies that manufacture finished goods.

Our Growth:

As a leading player in the mineral industry, our mineral company has experienced remarkable growth and achieved significant milestones using our knowledge and taking advantage of new industry trends to achieve long-term success.

Our Vision:

We aspire to be the global mineral industry benchmark for value creation and quality assurance.

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Our Application

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The anti-moisture powder increases strength, shining and removes the water bubble and any drawbacks in plastic products.

It is widely used in the manufacturing of:

Features of Our Anti - Moisture Powder

1. Water Absorbability: It can absorb water equivalent to 20% of the weight of Vimal powder.
2. Processing Property: It gives perfect processing performance, good compatibility with plastic material. Suitable for general processing equipment. No need to change processing technology.
3. Environmental Protection: It is a non-toxic, non-stimulation, excellent plasticizing agent.

Working of Anti-Moisture Powder

The Vimal anti-moisture powder removes the moisture content from the material, improves the machine efficiency, gives strength to your product as well as reduces the cost of production. It also gives an addition to the weight of your product.

Anti-Moisture Powder for Plastic reacts exothermically with water, converting to calcium hydroxide. The decomposition temperature of calcium hydroxide is approximately 500°C, well above the typical processing and service temperatures of plastics and rubbers. The calcium hydroxide formed, will act as an inert filler in the end product.


  • For plastic product processing:1% – 5% dosage.
  • For sheet, tubes, and pipes: 5% – 10% dosage.
  • NOTE: Adjust the dosage according to the moisture content in raw material. Do not need to dry the plastic raw material and filler.
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Our Products

Vimal Mineral offers wide range of anti-moisture powder and  to meet the required demands of our customers in different fields including plastic industry, agriculturally based requirements, pipe industries and many more.


Vimal is a specially modified universal product meant for use in virgin or recycling polymers industry. Vimal absorbs moisture from the system which otherwise cannot be removed through conventional methods.

Vimal Shine

Vimal shine is a heavily coated desiccant powder with chemically indifferent Hydrocarbon which reduces the air pollution and adds to the ease in handling. Heavy coating also prevents the direct interference of humidity with the material lying in idle condition.

Vimal Powder

Vimal Powder is a unique product which has been formulated keeping in view the requirement of Indian Virgin + Recycling Industry. This not only enhances the properties of virgin + recycled polymer but takes care of finished products made out of it.

Our Leading Product

Our Leading product is the Premium Calcium Oxide (Desiccant powder) solely for the desiccant masterbatch manufacturing industry.

This grade comes under the fineness category of 300#, 500#, 600# and 800# mesh. It is highly appreciated by most of the leading moisture granules manufacturing industries.


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Quality Control

We also determine as well as control the quality of our anti-moisture powder by following methods as per standard IS 1514:1990:

1. Determination of Available Lime (as CaO).
2. Determination of Iron Oxide and Alumina.
3. Determination of total Calcium Oxide.
4. Determination of Magnesium Oxide (as MgO).
5. Determination of Sulphates.
6. Determination of Dead Burnt Lime.
7. Determination of Fineness (using sieve analysis).
8. Determination of free Calcium Oxide.

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Love from Clients

“Vimal anti-moisture powder has a high absorption capacity. I was a bit worried about the choking of mesh, but it wasn’t problem at all.”


“Vimal Group provides better service. The team helped us resolving the mechanical problems that we faced while using the powder as a new customer.”


“I started using Vimal anti-moisture products two years ago and it has been beneficial for our company for the quality of our granules.”


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